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About this blog

Welcome on my blog! I’m a Dutch Law student, in love with photography, salsa and traveling the world.


• Off to my next destination... ✈️🌴 // Time to switch windmills for palmtrees! Today I’m travelling to Curaçao for another holiday this month. Really looking forward to explore the island and to get an impression of the Carribean lifestyle 🌞 Will keep you guys posted about my stay in my IG-stories. In the meantime, the Copenhagen series will still continue ;) • | Tårnet, Copenhagen
• One thing I noticed straight away once I arrived in Copenhagen: design is everywhere. From small products you can find in shops to huge buildings, the Danes pay remarkable attention to many things they craft and create. Public spaces like playgrounds are next level and a lot of attention is payed to details when it comes to styling shops & restaurants. In Glyptoteket, I stumbled upon many design students and artists drawing their surroundings. Especially the lady in this picture catched my attention: all the people passing by didn’t distracted her. She was focused, determined and at ease.. 🖋💭 • | Glyptoteket, Copenhagen
• All the way up... 🕊 (Tip: for the best panoramic view of the city, visit Tårnet tower! Entry is free, you don’t need to climb many stairs and the view is 😍) • | Tårnet Tower, Copenhagen
• Share your favourite (art)museum with me in the comments! It’s always nice to get inspired ✨😊 • | Glyptoteket, Copenhagen
• Rainbow road in real life... ✨ // This has to be one of my favourite streets in the city. What would it be like to live here in one of these colorful houses? 😍 • | Magstræde, Copenhagen
• Falling in love with this city was quite easy.. 💛 // I wrote a new blogpost about 10 sights you should defenitly check out during a trip to Copenhagen! (link in bio) Obviously including this beautiful harbour 🤗 • | Nyhavn, Copenhagen


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Welcome to Manisha Captures, a personal photography blog created to share my travels, stories and precious moments with the world. Ever since I was little girl I have been obsessed with my camera and liked to capture everyone and everything I loved around me. This passion never faded away and only grew bigger. I have always enjoyed to wander around and explore the world with my camera as my side-kick. Feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them!

Lots of love,




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