Japanese garden of Clingendael

Koi fish, bonsai trees & an oasis of serenity‚Ķ Japanese gardens are definitely my favourite gardens in the world! The one I visited in Den Haag is only opened during 2 specific periods of the year (in Spring en Autumn season), which means I carefully had to plan my trip. Located in the middle of the big park of Clingendael, this garden is a must-visit if you want to spot beautiful autumn colors and get the feeling like you’re in Japan for a moment‚Ķ

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I recently visited Delft: a very cute & cozy city situated right in between Den Haag and Rotterdam. Since I was planning to meet a friend for lunch in the afternoon and I was free that day, I decided to head over to the city a few hours earlier to wander around with my camera. Once I reached the main square were the city hall is and saw the high tower of the Old church right in front of me, I decided to climb it. It’s the highest tower in town, which means I had to climb 400 steps on the narrow spiral staircase to reach the top. Yup, I was pretty exhausted when I finally made it to the top, but the view was definitely worth it! It was a lovely experience to get a 360′ view of the whole city and spot some familiar sights from a bird’s-eye view…

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