Studying abroad: my reasons and choice for London

It all started last year: I was almost finishing my Bachelor of Law and started thinking of what should be the next step in my life. Starting right away with my master didn’t sounded like a good idea to me, since that would mean I would have to to find a job soon and my life as a student would be over (wait, whaaat). In my opinion, I needed more time and experience before starting to get more serious. Travelling and exploring new cultures have always drawn my attention, so that’s how I began to think of studying abroad. I felt like I needed a new challenge: living in another city, getting involved into a new student life and experiencing a new culture: it all sounded very appealing to me. From that time on I started working on turning this idea into reality.

Picking the university and city to study was probably the hardest part, since my university offered a huge list of universities to which I could go. I had to make a top-3 list of my choices. After a lot of thinking and research, London was the city where I wanted to study in the first place. Living in the UK would mean that I would have to speak English all the time, which would help with improving my English skills (who knows if I manage to get a British accent before I return home ;-)). Besides that, I wanted to experience living in a world class city, gaining more knowledge of the common law system and of the rich history this big city has got to offer. I chose to study at the Queen Mary University of London, since it has a very good reputation, offers good Law courses and is situated in the city centre. After a few months I heard that I was accepted for the Erasmus+ program, and I couldn’t be any happier. The preparation for this big adventure was just about to begin..

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