First week in London: my thoughts, challenges and experiences

So here I am, typing this blogpost at my desk in a city which I can call my home for the next three months. Last week was all about settling: getting used to a new environment, my own place and the people. I have lived at my parents’ house my whole life, so moving to London was a big transition for me. Besides that, this will be the first time to experience life in a big city. With 8.6 million inhabitants, London is the biggest city of Europe. I had to get used to the big crowds and the huge amount of buses and cars crossing the roads every day. People in the UK drive on the left side of the road, stand on the right side of the escalator and walk both the left and right of the street… You probably understand that it gets confusing for me sometimes.

Since my classes started this week, I had enough time create a daily routine and got to know the city better during the last couple of days. I did a lot of strolls in my neighbourhood and jumped regularly on those cute red buses to get a better idea of where everything is situated. I went to the introduction days which were organized by my university and attended a boat cruise on the Thames that included an afternoon tea (as a tea-lover, you can imagine I was totally in my happy place!).

Living on your own for the first time in a country where you don’t know anyone can be a challenge sometimes. It gives you a big responsibility, since you have to figure out everything yourself. On the other hand, you’re provided with a lot of freedom (which isn’t a bad thing at all ;-)). My classes are starting this week and I’m ready to get involved into the British uni life: Bring it on!

All smiles in Notting Hill, London

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