Life in London: the countdown begins…

It feels like I just moved in a couple of weeks ago, but in fact: my exchange has almost ended! This week the last lectures will be held and after that the long study break starts here. Since only one of my modules is examined by an exam, which is planned at the end of May, I’ve decided to go back home in the period after the semester ends. I’m planning on applying for an internship or finding a part-time job in the next couple of months. Besides that, my cousin is getting married soon: this is a is special occasion I definitely don’t want to miss.

Since my lectures are only on Wednesday and Thursday this week, I’ve got plenty of time to make the most out of my remaining days. What I’ve planned for the last couple of days: an afternoon tea, a daytrip to Cambridge, shopping sessions to buy presents for my family/friends and hanging out with friends. The end is near, but I’m eager to make my last days in London memorable ones!

I took these pictures on the 42th floor of Duck&Waffle, a restaurant/bar situated close to the Liverpool Street Station.




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