Food: Coconut pancakes

Let’s talk about breakfast. I share the general opinion that it’s the most important meal of the day. Why? Simply because it’s impossible for me to kickstart the day without fuelling myself with a healthy and filling meal. This is the main reason why I never skip it, and I still can’t imagine how some people are able to survive the day without having one. My all-time favourite breakfast dishes are quark with muesli or overnight oats. I always make sure to add in fruits & nuts for the extra vitamins, bite & flavour!


The colder days ask for hearty comfort food. Therefore, I decided to try something else last Sunday. When looking for inspiration on the internet I stumbled upon recipes with coconut flour. I became quite curious since I’d never tried it before, so I decided to give it a go. Nowadays you can find this type of flour in a lot of supermarkets. Its one and only ingredient is, as you can probably guess, coconut, which makes it a very natural and healthy product. And since I was craving pancakes… it was time to start baking!


Recipe Coconut flour pancakes


-2 eggs

-1 banana

-35g coconut flour

-1 tablespoon cinnamon

-coconut oil

-1/2 table spoon baking powder

-toppings (optional): blueberries, coconut flakes & honey

Step 1: Mix the eggs, banana, coconut flour, cinnamon & baking powder (20 sec)

Step 2: Pour some coconut oil in a pan, put small heaps of batter into it and create round pancake shapes by using a fork (the texture makes it a bit difficult to create perfect shape, but I guess practice makes perfect!)

Step 3: Bake the pancakes on each side for about 30 sec until golden brown.

Step 4: …Use your favourite toppings! I do advice using at least some kind of sweetener (honey, sugar powder) since they’ll taste a lot better. (Greek) yoghurt is also a good option to combine them with.



Lots of love,

Manisha ♥


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