Spring in Notting Hill

I was so excited to visit one of the most charming neighbourhoods of the city again: Notting Hill. This area is super dreamy during Spring, and a must-visit if you happen to be in London if you ask me. I stumbled upon many surprises during my walk, so did I managed to find a street filled with stunning magnolia trees and discovered many picture-perfect places. The colourful buildings functioned as the perfect backdrop for the many shots I took that morning…


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

Life in London: final goodbye

Last week I flew back to my all-time favourite city to write my final exam. Since my semester already ended at the end of March and my last exam was planned 2 months later, I decided to go home in between. The exam was for my Labour law course, a quite interesting one since both UK and EU law were discussed and a lot of recent developments have taken place in this area. I had plenty of time to mentally prepare myself for it and when exam day finally arrived, I felt totally ready for it. After the 2.15 hours of intense writing, I was finished and felt relieved. From that moment on, it was time to enjoy my remaining days in the city to the max!

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An afternoon in Notting Hill

Besides my parents and sister who visited me here, a friend of mine decided to come over for a weekend as well! Me and Esmée met each other via Instagram. She is a really kind and creative girl (check out her amazing blog via the link!) and we both share the same interests. Therefore, I was really happy when she asked if she could visit me. Overall, it was one of my best weekends in London: we had a lot of fun, took a ton of pictures and it was great to show her the city through my eyes. Since she has visited London once before, we decided to skip the main tourist sights and focused on the most photogenic places and charming neighboorhouds. A place which therefore couldn’t be left out in our planning was Notting Hill: one of my favourite neighbourhoods. It’s famous for its colourful buildings, which functioned as the perfect backdrop for our pictures.

I present to you, the results: