Life in London: final goodbye

Last week I flew back to my all-time favourite city to write my final exam. Since my semester already ended at the end of March and my last exam was planned 2 months later, I decided to go home in between. The exam was for my Labour law course, a quite interesting one since both UK and EU law were discussed and a lot of recent developments have taken place in this area. I had plenty of time to mentally prepare myself for it and when exam day finally arrived, I felt totally ready for it. After the 2.15 hours of intense writing, I was finished and felt relieved. From that moment on, it was time to enjoy my remaining days in the city to the max!

I stayed at my friends’ place who lived on campus and we explored a lot of places which were still on our list. Yes, the city has got so much to offer that even a 3 months stay was too short for me to see/do/eat everything I wanted. It were some amazing last days in the city and I’ll always cherish all the great memories I made during my stay. The city definitely stole my heart and if I ever get the chance to live in London in the future, I’ll go for it. 

It’s time to share some pictures with you guys!

Lots of love, Manisha

Leadenhall Market
20 Fenchurch Street – Sky Gardens
Tower Bridge
Sky Pod Bar – Sky Gardens
View from the 24th floor of The Shard
Notting Hill
Picnicking in Regent’s Park
The Biscuiteers – Notting Hill
Afternoon tea – Mayfair Hotel
Portobello Road – Notting Hill


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