Chinese New Year in Chinatown

Last week the preparations for one of the biggest festivities of the year started: Chinese New Year. To experience this event, we went to Chinatown, the best place to get a good impression of the celebrations in London. Not many of people know this about me, but my grandmother is Chinese so that makes me a quarter Chinese. This is one of the reasons why I was even more excited to visit Chinatown. I was totally amazed by the huge amount of red lanterns which were spread all across the streets. People were selling all kinds of fortune decorations and snacks, said their prayers and I even spotted someone in a big Pikachu costume (very Chinese, I know..). We had dinner in this area and it was definitely a good choice. After strolling along a lot of restaurants, we finally picked one and ordered fried rice and pancakes filled with roasted duck and veggies. Yum! To everyone who is celebrating this weekend: Happy Chinese New Year // Gong Xi Fat Choi!

The Chinatown Gate
Red lanterns everywhere!


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