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Welcome on my blog! I’m a Dutch LL.M. student, in love with photography, salsa and traveling the world with my camera.

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• Happy sunday y’all 💛 // A quick life-update: your girl started working this week! After having enjoyed some time off after I handed in my thesis, I’ve been busy applying for jobs. As some of you know, it can be quite a tiring process, so staying motivated is key. I recently happened to stumble upon a really nice company and after a view interviews, I received a job offer! A new chapter of my life has started now, and I’m looking forward to all the good things & exciting challenges it will bring 😊 • | Leiden, The Netherlands
• Gloomy days in the city.. ☁️ // So how I created this: Step 1. Search for a nice spot where you can capture some movement (in this case: the birds were my models🐦). Step 2. Turn on the slo-motion setting for the camera on your phone. Step 3. Wait for the perfect moment, hold your phone steady & start recording! I really enjoy shooting this way, since it makes it seem like a picture is actually coming to life ☺️ • | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Nothing above this. ❤️ • | Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam
• Changing colors.. 🍃😌 // Last week, I’ve commited myself to a ‘social media detox’. That’s right: for seven days I voluntarily deleted Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat from my phone. The main reason? I was spending too much time on social media in my opinion, and I was curious if this little experiment would have any positive effects. After going through some withdrawal during the first few days (what to do during those super boring moments 🤔), I realized I had a lot of time left for more relevant activities & I wasn’t easily distracted anymore. It’s crazy to realize how much time we spend staring at our screens nowadays. Last week was definitely an eye-opener for me. Have you ever tried something similar or are you using certain apps to track your phone usage? Curious to know! • | Leiden, The Netherlands
• Into the forest... 🍁😌 // In my opinion, Autumn is the best season for long strolls in the forest. There’s just something magical about the ocean of golden brown leaves 💛 | Leidse Hout, Leiden
• As some of guys probably have seen in my IG-stories, my graduation ceremony took place this week. 🎓 In September, I already knew I obtained my LL.M. degree, but after Tuesday it finally feels official. Thank you all for the heart-warming messages & support ❤️ It’s time for a new chapter in my life! And ofc, I’ll keep taking pictures, since it’s one of the things that make me most happy 😊• | Clingendael, Den Haag


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Last week the preparations for one of the biggest festivities of the year started: Chinese New Year. To experience this event, we went to Chinatown, the best place to get a good impression of the celebrations in London. Not many of people know this about me, but my grandmother is Chinese so that makes me a quarter Chinese. This is one of the reasons why I was even more excited to visit Chinatown. I was totally amazed by the huge amount of red lanterns which were spread all across the streets. People were selling all kinds of fortune decorations and snacks, said their prayers and I even spotted someone in a big Pikachu costume (very Chinese, I know..). We had dinner in this area and it was definitely a good choice. After strolling along a lot of restaurants, we finally picked one and ordered fried rice and pancakes filled with roasted duck and veggies. Yum! To everyone who is celebrating this weekend: Happy Chinese New Year // Gong Xi Fat Choi!


The Chinatown Gate


Red lanterns everywhere!



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