Life in London (update!)

Exactly one month ago I arrived in London and I must say: time’s flying so fast! Sometimes I still need to pinch myself for the fact that I’m actually living and studying here. It feels like a dream. I’m kind of surprised that the city already feels so familiar to me, even though it hasn’t been such a long time that I’m here. One of main reasons why I fell in love with the city right away is that it’s so cosmopolitan. At my university, in the streets, shops, restaurants,  basically everywhere you look: people from all around the world are present. London feels like a miniature world to me: getting in touch with so many different people, cultures, languages and cuisines is what I love the most.

Living on my own is going quite well so far. When the semester at my university started, I slowly began to create a routine. My lectures are from Tuesday till Thursday, which means that I can enjoy a long weekend every week. I’m trying to keep a good balance between studying and exploring the city. London has got so much to offer, which makes the list of places that I want to visit endless.

I already met a lot of wonderful people here and last week my sister came to visit me for a long weekend. It was amazing to show her around and let her experience London through my eyes. We had a lot of fun and as you can probably guess, a lot of pictures were taken that weekend… 😉

London Bridge



St. Paul’s cathedral









  1. Wow so nice to read this!!! Brings back some memories as I also have lived in London for a while some years ago 🙂


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