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Welcome on my blog! I’m a Dutch Law student, in love with photography, salsa and traveling the world.

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• Ready for my next journey.. ✈️ // Within a couple of hours I’ll travel to Croatia where I’ll attend a Summer Law School! Super excited to visit to this beautiful country once again, meet students from all over Europe & learn more about Privacy Law. Will keep you guys updated by posting IG-stories now and then. Now fingers crossed that Croatia will win the match tonight.. 😉⚽️ | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• One of those perfect Summer nights.. ✨😌 • | Leiden, The Netherlands
• e x p l o r e m o r e 🌿 // Last Tuesday, it was my first time to be on a roundtrip boat in Leiden! Exploring the beautiful canals by boat during golden hour was a great experience. I stumbled upon lots of places I didn’t knew about, even tho I’m quite familiar with the city 🤔🤗 Also, thank u all for the kind b’day messages! Yesterday we threw a gardenparty for lots of family members, which made my weekend an unforgettable one. ❤️ // Leiden, The Netherlands
• 🎈It’s my birthday 🎈// Woah, still can’t believe another year has passed by so fast! Really feel grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful group of familymembers & friends who always support me. S/o to you guys ❤️ • | Utrecht, The Netherlands
• The past couple of months included sporadic periods of heavy rain showers, autumn-like cold weather, surprisingly hot days & even hailstroms.. 🤔🌦 But now, after having waited patiently for ages: it finally feels a bit like Summer here, and I couldn’t be any happier! 🌞 • | Galgewater, Leiden
• ...where I wanna live if I ever turn into a cute old granny 👋🏽👵🏽 • | Utrecht, The Netherlands


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“Good food & good company are two of life’s simplest, yet greatest pleasures.”

Since I always take pictures of every meal I have in lunchrooms/restaurants, I thought it would be nice to share some of the meals I had so far in London. Eating out is one of my favourite activities: I’m always on the hunt for the best places and I really love to try new things. London is the perfect city for me, since all the international cuisines make the options endless. The people who are close to me know that I like to eat healthy meals, so be prepared for some fruit/vegetable filled plates!

I regularly ask my eating company to pose in a natural looking way with their hands to make the pictures pictures look even better, credits to you guys! I know I can be an annoying food-picture lady sometimes 😉 I also like to take +10 pictures before I actually start eating and the food is already cooling down, oh well


Breakfast: yoghurt with granola & fruit compote. Location: L’eau a La Bouche, Hackney



Lunch: Chicken with all kinds of grilled vegetables. Location: Notting Hill.


Lunch: Indian food from the Camden foodmarket & green tea. Location: Camden


Lunch: Sandwich with avocado, feta & cherry tomatoes. Location: Foxcroft & Ginger, Mile end


Brunch: Egg sandwich & mixed salad. Location: La Rouge, Covent Garden



Lunch: Quiche & salad. Location: Le Pain Quotidien, St. Paul’s


Lunch: Buckweat pancakes with a berry compote & coconut yoghurt. Location: Farm Girl, Notting Hill



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