The West-End, London


I recently visited my all-time favorite city again! As you probably know, London has got a special place in my heart, so I was super excited to back for a few days. During my stay, it kind of felt like I returned back to my second hometown. Places I’ve been to multiple times can become less exciting after a while, but this isn’t the case with this city. As the famous saying goes: “when a man is is tired of London, he is tired of life”. Amen to that.




Of course, a typical British afternoon-tea had to be included. Danisha and I went to the super fancy Wallace Collection. This national museum is home to one of Europe’s finest collections of works of art, paintings and furniture. The restaurant which is part of the building is painted in pastel pink color and is the perfect place to have a nice lunch -or in our case- plenty of sandwiches, pastries and tea!

IMG_1127IMG_1169 (1)IMG_1139

One particular area that couldn’t be left out is the West-End. This area is situated in Central and West London and is well-known as the commercial and entertainment centre of the city. Strolling through the famous Oxford street, Regent street and Piccadilly circus always gives me an adrenaline kick. The streets are buzzing & full of life, which makes it a pleasure making your way around town during all times of the day here.


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

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