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Welcome on my blog! I’m a Dutch LL.M. student, in love with photography, salsa and traveling the world with my camera.

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• As some of guys probably have seen in my IG-stories, my graduation ceremony took place this week. 🎓 In September, I already knew I obtained my LL.M. degree, but after Tuesday it finally feels official. Thank you all for the heart-warming messages & support ❤️ It’s time for a new chapter in my life! And ofc, I’ll keep taking pictures, since it’s one of the things that make me most happy 😊• | Clingendael, Den Haag
• Even tho there are still 41 days left until Christmas, I really do admire the decorations in this pretty early stage! 🤗🎄 Is the city/village you’re living in already packed with lots of lights & christmas trees? :) • | Delft, The Netherlands
• Now that the colder days are coming up, I’ll be spending more time indoors. Still taking advantage of my sisters’ Netflex account up to now (🌝), so if there are any good movies/series I should defintely watch, feel free to share! • | Delft, The Netherlands
• Koi fish, bonsai trees & an oasis of serenity... my favourite gardens in the world are definitely the Japanese ones🌿☺️ • | Japenese garden Clingendael, Den Haag
• Back in the days, people often named their property when there didn’t happened to be streetnames yet, or simply because someone was proud of his/her building (and ofc, money-wise). I spotted quite a lot of them in the city centre of Delft & they were usually the most lovely buildings! If you were able to give your house a name... what would you call it? 🏠🤗 • | Delft, The Netherlands
• During one of those extraordinary autumn days when walking outside without a jacket was actually possible.. 🧐🤗 (Photo credits: @giugoh) // Even today, temperatures around 18 degrees were reached in Holland. Fall season has confused me many times this year.. Does this mean we’ll get a super cold winter? 😱 • | Clingendael, The Hague


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During my stay in Copenhagen, I literally landed in foodie paradise. The city offers plenty of beautiful cafés and healthy food options which are a feast for both the eyes & taste buds. Everyday I was waking up with excitement to try different dishes. Since the options were endless, I did some research regarding places I wanted to visit for sure. I’ve arranged a list for you guys with inspiration for every meal of the day!

Breakfast: healthy food at Original Coffee


I always make sure to start the day with a proper breakfast. Original Coffee offers plenty of (healthy) food options in combination with good coffee (I went for tea though). A must-visit is their location on top of the Illum shopping mall. Trust me, with the amazing rooftop view is worth it.

Brunch: Heavenly small bites at Mad & Kaffee


When in Copenhagen, try to include brunch in your schedule. The Danish version is incredible! At Mad & Kaffee, you can pick your own small plates from the long list of yummy dishes. Sweet and/or savory, the choice is yours.

Lunch: Buddha bowls at Hope


In a healthy mood? Try one of the nourishing bowls at Hope! I chose their signature one, which was filled with chickpeas, quinoa and more delicious ingredients.

Lunch: Smørrebrød at Tovernehalle


Since I’ve read a lot about this local dish, I had to try it at least once during my trip. In one of the most popular foodcourts, I tried ryebread topped with scrambled egg, herring, onion & herbs, and I loved it! They seem small at first sight, but they are actually really filling.

Snack: Kanelsnurre at St. Peders Bageri


Ok, this pastry is also a must-try. Kanelsnurre a.k.a. cinnamon rolls can be found in lots of authentic bakery’s throughout the city. I tried one at the famous St. Peders Bageri, and it was love at first bite…

Dinner: Korean food at Kopan


We stumbled upon this place by chance during one afternoon. Since the restaurant already looked really nice from the outside, we decided to have dinner here on the same day. Kopan is a modern Korean restaurant and offers classic dishes like Bibimbap and dumplings!

Dinner: Pizza paradise at Stefanos


On my last night in town, we decided to check out this very popular hotspot situated in Nørrebrø. A friend of mine recommended to try the veggie pizza’s, so we did. I really liked the food & and the buzzing atmosphere!

Lots of love,

Manisha ♥


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  1. Oh no!! Now I am hungry again (although having eaten 10 minutes ago:))

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