Beach scene of Curaçao

…I recently returned from a one-week trip to Curaçao! I visited this Carribean gem for the very first time and I enjoyed my stay to the fullest. The journey was quite intense: a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam with a stop-over in Aruba… I also had to beat the 6-hour  time difference during the first few days, but once we started exploring the island, I totally forgot the lack of sleep 😉

During those 7 days, we tried to see as much as possible. Therefore, we were constantly balancing sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. Because one thing is for sure when you visit this island: you should discover the incredible beach scene Curaçao has got to offer! The island is well-known for its sandy beaches, magnificent underwater world & deep blue water. Trust me: it’s literally possible to take magazine-like pictures at every corner of the island…

Since my dad hired a car, we had the chance to visit several beaches here. In the beginning, I was like “but aren’t they all the same?”. This thought soon disappeared after our second day on the island. Every beach here has got its own special characteristics and therefore it’s worth exploring as many as possible. It kind of became addicting eventually! The following shots are taken at the Director’s Bay, Blue Bay & Playa Lagun.


My favorite beach was definitely Playa grandi kenepa (also called “Grote Knip”). The main reason: the color of the water is simply outstanding here. I’ve never seen it this blue in my life before. It’s one of the bigger beaches of the island and locals come here to barbecue during the weekend. Also, it’s a nice place for snorkeling as well. I spotted many tropical fish here close to the rocks. We spent our Sunday afternoon here!


Watching sunset at the beach is still one the things I love the most when traveling. During this magical moment in the evening, the sky usually shows its most beautiful colors. I experienced the nicest one when we were chilling at Mambo beach. With my feet in the sand, salt in my hair & twinkling in my eyes, I watched the sun slowly touching the horizon…

20180925_212719513_iOS (1)

Lots of love,

Manisha ♥


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