Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss city with international allure & a French twist…

I recently had the chance to visit the land of good cheese, chocolate & mountains for the very first time! Before visiting Switzerland, I always had this image in my head of twirling in the mountains with a long polkadot dress and eating the finest food all day. This dream partly became reality (will share that in my upcoming post :-).

One of my close friends is currently studying in Geneva, so I found the perfect reason to book a flight and spend a long weekend here. Once I arrived at the airport on a gloomy Friday morning, I already noticed one particular thing: the heavy influence of France! This is not really surprising though, since the border between both countries is within easy reach of Geneva. French is the main language here and also signature shops like Ladurée made their way to the city.

On my first day, we explored Old-town (after eating our way around town to try all kinds of chocolate and macarons). This area is tucked away after the big shopping streets and definitely worth a visit. I really enjoyed wandering through the scenic streets and stumbling upon beautiful buildings…

One of the highlights of my trip was definitely paying a visit to the UNO: the United Nations Office. We joined a guided tour and within 1.5, we learned a lot of interesting facts about this special place. It was a wonderful experience to take a seat in several big meeting rooms and taste the international atmosphere…

I’ve had a short but very sweet stay. Since the city isn’t that big, it’s perfect for a weekend-getaway. If I brought souvenirs with me back to Holland? Yes, chocolate. Lots of chocolate 😉

Lots of love,


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