Vienna, Austria

Where I spent my Easter weekend…

More than a month ago, I had the chance to visit Vienna for a long weekend. My sister’s currently studying there and I hadn’t been to Austria before, so it was right about time to go. We were super lucky with the pleasant weather, it was 20 degrees and above everyday. Also, since my sis has been living there for a few months, she created a whole planning for us so all I had to do was relax and fully enjoy my stay!

Vienna was once the capital of the Austrian empire and played an important role in European politics. While exploring the city, we stumbled upon countless gorgeous sights which showed Vienna’s grandeur. There are multiple palaces, lots of cathedrals and other impressive buildings within easy reach of the city centre. At some moments it felt like I was back in time: you could spot horse-drawn carriages everywhere, the legacy of Mozart is still very vivid and the atmosphere is very pleasant & peaceful for a capital city.

Since I was in Austria for the first time, I was very excited about trying traditional & famous dishes. Therefore, schnitzel, pretzels, mozart kugels and apfulstrüdel couldn’t be left out. What I probably enjoyed the most was sharing lovely treats with the family at Gerstner. Here I tried sachertorte for the first time. The venue of this place is stunning and I absolutely recommend going here if you happen to be in the city!

I’ve had a blast during those 4 days in Vienna. It was great to spend time with the whole family again and to wander around in all the charming streets. I will be back for sure one day.

Lots of love,



  1. The pictures really goes along with your blog, they are perfectly captured.
    What a nice place to be at.
    Even a lot of international events & agreements are related to Vienna.
    Thanks for increasing my desire to visit there. ❤


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