Oxford, England

2 days in one of the most famous University cities in the world…

When a friend of mine got accepted to study for a year at Oxford University, I was more than happy to plan a trip to Oxford in March! The reason why this small city is so well-known is because of it’s prestigious University: the second oldest one in the world…

The city is easy accessible by train if you’re staying in London. From Paddington Station, it only took around 60 minutes to arrive in Oxford. Tip: do book the train tickets in advance. The longer you wait, the more expensive they’ll become.

Before visiting the city, my friend told me to refresh my knowledge of Harry Potter. Why? Because some locations that appeared in the movie were actually shot in or inspired by certain locations in Oxford University! It was incredible to see everything in real life. The following picture shows one of the rooms in Divinity School. The movie scene when Harry was taken into hospital was shot here…

We were blessed with very sunny weather on the day my friend showed me around town. We could access all the uni buildings for free because of his studentship (lucky me), so we took fully advantage of that. My 2 favorite places are the Bodleian Libary, shown above, and the cathedral of Exeter College. When visiting the cathedral, we were basically the only ones there. Because of the bright light that afternoon, the stained glass looked absolutely stunning and we stayed a while fully enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Our lunch included a vegetarian curry (not so British) and scones afterwards. Combined with clotted cream & fresh jam, this is still my go-to treat when in the UK 😉

And last but not least: we were able to have a look in the ‘the Hall’, the grand dining room in Christ Church. The dining scenes of Harry Potter were inspired by this location. Members of this college are able to enjoy lunch and dinner here everyday… what a place!

My conclusion: Oxford should be included in your list when visiting the UK! The famous buildings live up to their expectations & it was lovely to imagine how it would be to study here while strolling through the halls, libaries & parks…

Lots of love,


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  1. The Libraries over there are quite gorgeous. While attending a meeting at Oxford, I got a chance to visit a few of them along with the Doctors. They do have a range of collection I must admit. And the architecture never fails to amuse. Keep up the amazing work!


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