Paris, France

From Paris, with love…

Since one of my sisters’ best friends is living in Paris who she still wanted to visit, I was more than happy to join her. During Autumn, we spent 3 days soaking up the Parisian vibes, enjoying the pleasant weather and exploring as much as we could by foot. I’ve visited the city a long time ago when I was little, and pretty much the only things I remember about trip was 1) a lot of rain 2) the ultimate red tourist bus we took and 3) French pastries for breakfast. So as you can probably imagine, I was looking forward to make many new memories!

The parks in Paris are a great place to unwind & dream away in the countless comfy seats… I enjoyed strolling through Jardin du Luxembourg the most!

One of the places that was still on my list was visiting Disneyland. On Saturday morning, we made it happen and spent a day drooling over the beautiful decorations, standing in line for many hours & feeling like small girls again… The cotton candy colored castle was one of the highlights!

Lots of love,


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