The countryside

During golden hour…

Being a travel-enthusiast, the worldwide lockdown changed quite a lot. The last two months I stayed home most of the time. In the Netherlands, however, it was still possible to go for a walk/bike-ride from the start of the crisis, as long as you kept your distance. Since I’m living in a village and the area is pretty quiet in general, I was lucky to still being able to go outside without any struggles…

Since I usually tend to focus on other cities/countries, I slowly started to realize how beautiful the area I’m living is now that I started to explore more often. Usually after dinner, my sis & I grabbed our bikes and choose different routes every time. We came across, sheeps, countless fluffy sheeps, big windmills and many seasonal flowers… Gotta love Spring season!

I’m happy to show you guys more places I stumbled upon the upcoming time!

Lots of love,


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