My weekend in Belgium

Greetings from Antwerpen & Leuven…


the last couple of months have been quite unusual for most of us. All of a sudden, our ‘normal’ life wasn’t there anymore. This had impact on many aspects of our daily routine. One of the things I love doing the most – traveling- became more challenging and to some extent impossible. For those of you who know me personally, I’m not the home type of person, so I kept a close watch on the development of the virus over the months. When at one point, the border between The Netherlands & Belgium re-opened again, I took the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time during the pandemic…

I’m very grateful to own a car during times like these, that made it quite convenient to move around without being dependent on others. Furthermore, the measures in Belgium were more or less the same as in Holland, which made it easy to adapt. My sister still had her room in Antwerpen, so I was very happy to stay at her place. I felt at peace being able to explore new places & indulge in different cultures after a while. I try to remind myself often I’m very blessed to be able to experience this.

Apart from Antwerpen, we drove to Leuven to spend our morning and afternoon there. It’s a very small & cosy city where lots of students are situated. My favourite spots were most definitely the Kruidtuin (a.k.a. botanical garden) & the Grote Markt were you can spot the impressive municipality building!

Also, I’ve started shooting fully in manual mode! As some of you might know, this is quite a transition, but I’m happy to see progression. During the weekend, there were plenty opportunities to try out different styles.

Have you travelled abroad during the past months? Curious to know!

Lots of love,



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