Posbank, The Veluwe

A visit to the magical heather fields…

An exceptional place

Finally ticked off my bucketlist: visiting the Posbank during late Summer! After having seen many incredible Instagram posts of endless purple heather fields, I planned a visit in the beginning of September. The Posbank is situated in the Veluwe, a big national park in the Netherlands, and can be seen as the main attraction of the area. At several viewpoints here, you’ll have a magnificent view of the landscape. Since most parts of the Netherlands are quite flat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised -like me-…

Purple paradise

Once entering the site, you can either hire a bike or choose one of the walking routes. We chose the ‘purple route’, which was approximately 7km. I’d recommend this one, since it’s not too intense and it’ll take you straight to the heater fields. The most convenient time to visit the area is in August and the beginning of September, since then the purple color of the fields will be at its best. It was great taking pictures here, and obviously I didn’t matched my outfit with the location on purpose… 😉

Have you ever seen fields like these? Curious to know!

Lots of love,



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