Cochem, Germany

The beautiful castle town alongside the Moselle river

“Cochem… what will you guys do there?”, is what the hostess of our hotel in Monschau asked us with slight amazement when we left. Not being completely sure what the city had in store for us back then, we started doubting our decision for a moment. However, once entering Cochem with our car, driving over the large bridge witnessing the gorgeous surroundings, we knew for sure: it was the right decision.

Cochem happens to be a popular holiday destination for Dutchies, since it’s quite close to the border with the Netherlands, offers many bars/clubs (more fun pre-corona) and happens to be a perfect place to hire a bike and explore the area. You can even order frikandellen at some restaurants here (a typical Dutch snack). We stayed here for 2 nights, which was enough to cover the main highlights. Excited to share 3 must-do activities with you guys!

visit reichsburg cochem

The most iconic sight of Cochem is definitely the Reichsburg, a true eye-catcher you can already spot from far. Situated on a hill, it takes some effort to get there by foot. The steep route is worth it though, as you’ll find vine yards and nice local shops along the way. For several euros, you can visit the Reichsburg with or without a guided tour. It was a very pleasant experience for us, since the garden was in full bloom and we happened to spot a happy bridal couple which added some extra magic to the scenery.

In frame: the lovely bride and groom with their family members. I always enjoy watching sceneries like these…

book a spot at the cochemer sesselbahn

Right after our visit to Reichsburg, we continued our way to the cable car. It took us approximately 20 minutes by foot. Once we arrived, there was no line, so we could immediately buy tickets. The ride itself was pretty cool, but you should definitely not be afraid of heights. After arriving at the top, it’s possible to go for a small hike or unwind at the terrace café. The most enjoyable part was going down: you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of a large part of the city and you can spot the Reichsburg from far!

plan a biketrip to beilstein

Cycling abroad was a new experience for me. Some friends of my sis joined us for a biketrip in the area of Cochem. We hired our bikes somewhere close to the main street in the morning, and started our short journey with a smile. The roads are convenient to cycle, but a bit narrow, so it’s not always possible to cycle next to each other. However, the beautiful hills and calm sceneries you’ll spot are absolutely worth it. We spontaneously ended up at Beilstein, a lovely small town next to the river. I’d recommend having a stopover here, since you”ll find many nice places for food and drinks and even the town itself shouldn’t be left unexplored. Tip: visit the castle for some great views from up high.

More than enough reasons to visit Cochem, don’t you think? The city left a very good impression on me, I’ll be back for sure 😉

Lots of love,



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