Darling London

31st January – 2nd February , 2020

Now that the end of 2020 is approaching and I’m currently enjoying my Christmas holidays, I’ve got plenty of time to browse through this years’ collection. At one point, I noticed I hadn’t uploaded the shots from my trip weekend trip to London in February yet (what a shame!). So here they are: a small collection of some of the places I visited in my favorite city!

The Shard

Such a killer building. Spotting it from the water, in between buildings or from far away, it impresses me every single time.

Natural history museum

The gigantic female whale right in the middle of the entrance hall is called Hope, as a symbol of humanity’s power to shape a sustainable future.

I’m glad I was able to visit London twice right before Corona kicked in. Hope my adventures here will continue in 2021 too!

Lots of love,



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