Ugljan, Croatia

During my stay in Croatia this Summer, I had the chance to visit Ugljan for a day! It’s a small island very close to Zadar. The ferry made it very easy to reach within 1-2 hours. Once we finally arrived at the beach, I was totally amazed by the crystal clear blue water. Swimming here & enjoying the stunning island views was an experience I won’t easily forget…


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

Zadar, Croatia

In July, I attended a Summer European Law School in Zadar, Croatia! I applied for this opportunity, since I wanted to learn more about Privacy Law and I would have the change to meet students from all over Europe. Also, I was very happy to go back to Croatia since it’s one of my favourite holiday destinations in Europe.The Summer School lasted for a week, and I definitely had a blast. It was a wonderful experience to get in touch with students with 15+ nationalities and share thoughts & ideas. Besides the morning lectures, there was time in the afternoon to explore the city or go to the beach. I preferred strolling through the Old town of Zadar!


One of the most memorable things during my stay in Croatia was experiencing the atmosphere of aftermath of the world cup finals. On the day I was travelling to Zadar, the Croatian team played an thrilling match against France (since I was in the bus without access to a tv, I had to guess who scored by listening carefully to the shouts of joy & sighs of the busdriver) Even tho they lost the game and everyone seemed down in the beginning, the mood changed very quickly to a cheerful one. Big parties were held on the same night and a couple of days after that the footballers happened to visit the city where I was staying! A huge crowd dressed up in red/white gathered at the stage where the national team was welcomed and everyone was proud of their big accomplishment. The atmosphere during that night was something I won’t easily forget.. I still find fascinating that sport can bring whole nations together.


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

A daytrip to Split




Split, the second-largest city of Croatia, surprised me in many ways. This vibrant, always buzzing city situated on the Dalmatian coastline attracts a big number of tourists every year. The mix between ancient and modern influences make this place so unique. Many people consider Split mainly as a beach/party holiday destination. Whereas in my opinion, the city has got much more to offer. Let’s move on to the pictures!




The old town of the city where Diocletian’s Palace is situated is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and truly stunning. You can consider it as a labyrinth of streets packed with authentic remaining of the imperial residence, all kinds of restaurants, bars and shops. I had flashbacks to Rome from the moment I walked through the old palace gates and started imagining what life would be like back in the Roman empire era.





Apart from its historic sites, the city owns a beautiful harbor, a shopping centre with all the big brands and ice-cream stalls on almost every corner of the street. Since we stayed in Trogir during our trip in Croatia, we decided to plan a day trip to Split. It was easy to reach by boat: it took about 1 hour to get to the city. Making our way back to Trogir was one of the best experiences: the sun slowly began to set as we were chilling on the boat, which resulted in some incredible views…



IMG_2479 (1)

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