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Welcome on my blog! I’m a Dutch Law student, in love with photography, salsa and traveling the world.

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• Where I’d rather be... 💙 • | Ugljan, Croatia
• On our full free-day, we planned a trip to Ugljan.. 🌊 This small island is situated in the area of Zadar, and it took us around 2 hours to get there (by foot, ferry, bus & more walking). When we finally reached the beach, I immediately knew it was worth the journey: the views were stunning. 💙Probably the best part was taking a dive into the crystal clear blue water (I’ve never experienced something like this before!). The least good part: the beach turned out to be super rocky and at one moment my sandle decided to break down, which resulted in a very painful walk back.. 😂🙈 • | Ugljan, Croatia
• Croatia has become one of my favorite holiday destinations in Europe.. 💛 Why? ➰The nature is outstanding: crystal clear water, diverse landscapes & even waterfalls.. what’s not to like? 😍 ➰Food is influenced by the Italian cuisine, which results in very interesting dishes (like black risotto!) Also, gelato shops can be found literally everywhere in the bigger cities ☺️ ➰ Prices are very reasonable in comparison to West-European countries! ➰ The country is becoming more popular these days, but it’s not over-crowded in my opinion. There are still plenty of hidden gems & places where you can come at ease 😌 Have you ever been to Croatia? And if so, what’s your favourite place/city? 😊 • | Zadar, Croatia
• Idyllic views... 💙 • | Ugljan, Croatia
• What I probably liked the most about attending a Summer Law School this year is the fact that I had the chance to meet 50 fellow students from 15+ countries all over the European continent. Even tho we all had at least one thing in common (our law-related background), conversations usually resulted in very interesting discussions. It was a pleasure hearing stories & experiences from different viewpoints. Also, many stereotypes were cleared up that week (Nope, A’dam is not only about weed 🧐) // 📸 picture credits to @carolinafigurska, I’ve had a blast exploring the city centre with you! Dziękuję bardzo 💋• | Zadar, Croatia
• 😱💙 (<— my facial expression during basically the entire busride from Zadar to Trogir) • | Primošten, Croatia


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Imagine the following: turquoise water, charming marble streets, stunning medieval sights and ice-cream stalls on every corner… Yes, Trogir has it all. The medieval city centre of Trogir is on the UNESCO world heritage site and not without a reason. Its rich history & authentic architecture make this unique small town a true gem of Croatia. I visited this city in Summer and had a wonderful time. I had never visited Croatia before, but since it’s becoming a popular holiday destination day by day and I heard many good stories, we became curious. I must say, it went beyond my expectations. Let’s move on to the pictures!




During our trip, we stayed in Villa Carrara, a cute bed&breakfast hotel situated in the heart of the city centre. It only has 8 rooms, which makes it a quiet and relaxed place to stay. The staff was really friendly and provided us with a lot of insight information about the city. Even though the hotel was quite small, the rooms were surprisingly big! Also, there’s a bakery/ice-cream shop located on the ground flour, where we had some delicious treats.  All in all, a really good place to stay when you want to make to most out of your stay in Trogir.



The first thing I noticed from the moment we arrived in the city: the water. It was definitely something else. When Googling travel pictures online, you usually see “picture-perfect” stuff which many times doesn’t resembles reality. This wasn’t the case here. I often had to put my sunglasses down, just to check if what I was seeing was real…





– FOOD –


Food from Croatia has been influenced by many cuisines: mainly Italian, Turkish and Hungarian. This influence has shaped the type of food they are serving over the years. Since Trogir is located along the coastline, fresh seafood can be ordered in almost every restaurant (for me as a sea-food lover, this wasn’t a bad thing at all ;-)). We had seafood everyday: prawns, squid and local fish, it was all amazing. A typical local dish is ‘black risotto’, prepared with squid or cuttlefish. One of the things that surprised me was the number of ice-cream shops in the city. Even tough Trogir is a quite compact and small city, in one or another way there were always lines at the shops throughout the day. One explanation could be the fact that the ice-cream is divine: it came quite close to the gelato I had in Rome…





It’s easy to explore Trogir in one day, so people usually end up planning a day trip. We decided to stay in the city for a few days and use it as our base to discover other places in the area. Here’s a list with activities/things you should definitely consider seeing or doing when you happen to be here. Here we go:

-Visit Kamerlengo Castle

-Get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets (trust me, this is easy)

-Grab a drink on one of the terraces at Central Square

-Take a leisurely stroll at night at Trogir Riva, the promenade. In the weekend there are usually live-performances and you’ll spot all the big yachts

– Visit Green Market, and drool over the seriously good-looking fruits and veggies

-A must: try. the. ice-cream. You won’t be disappointed.

-Cross the bridge and go explore the beautiful harbor

When you’re planning to stay longer in the city just like I did, consider the following:

-A day trip to Split (!)

-Visit other islands/beaches close by (transportation is really convenient: there are lots ferry boats and tours you can easily book)

-Plan a trip to the magnificent Krka National Park


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Lots of love,


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