Tulip paradise

Endless bulb fields & vibrant-coloured tulips, a nature-photographer’s dream…                           

To get the ultimate Spring feelings once a year, I usually pay a visit to Lisse. From April to May, Lisse literally turns into flower paradise and is also known as Holland’s flower-growing region. Dozens of bulb fields are in full bloom, which makes it an incredible spectacle to watch. Also, since flower park Keukenhof is opened during Spring season as well, hundreds of thousands tourists visit the park every year. This time, my sis & I made our way to the fields on a sunny Friday evening…


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Planning a trip to Lisse? Let me share some tips:

-Since the flowers are in bloom for only a short period (around April-May), be sure to check if you’re going during the right time to avoid awkward disappointments.

-If you’re visiting this region for the first time, I recommend going to Keukenhof. It’s very accessible by car/bus and the park is a great way to get introduced to all the beautiful flowers, get more background information and spend a full day with family/friends.

-If you’ve been to Keukenhof already or want to see the real deal, plan a trip to the bulb fields! If you don’t own a car, an easy way to visit the fields is by bike (I’m sure you can find lots of places where you can hire them).

-Before you go, double-check where you can find the fields on Google Maps/other sites, so you won’t be disappointed and lose time if you can’t find them when you solely navigate  to Lisse. Not all of them are easy to find!

-The fields belong to their respected owners, so be sure to treat them with care. That means: never pick any flowers without permission and be as careful as possible if you want to go close to the fields. Not all the fields are accessible and some of them have prohibitory signs in front of them, so make sure act in accordance with the rules.

-Pro-tip: golden hour in the fields is absolutely magical!


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Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

Spring in Notting Hill

I was so excited to visit one of the most charming neighbourhoods of the city again: Notting Hill. This area is super dreamy during Spring, and a must-visit if you happen to be in London if you ask me. I stumbled upon many surprises during my walk, so did I managed to find a street filled with stunning magnolia trees and discovered many picture-perfect places. The colourful buildings functioned as the perfect backdrop for the many shots I took that morning…


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

An afternoon in Amsterdam


It’s been a while since I’ve visited the city-centre of Amsterdam, so it was right about time to go! Together with my South-African friend Anél, we the main canal area and explored the ‘Negen Straatjes’, one of my favorite streets of the city. Plenty of unique shops & good food places are situated here.




– F O O D –

For lunch, we decided to go to Ree7: a cute lunch place in the Hartenstraat. The buzzing ambiance was great and I ordered a sandwich with grilled veggies & homemade ice-tea.


Lots of love, Manisha