The hyacinth fields

Magical Springtime in Voorhout…

On a Sunday evening, late April, my sister joined me for a short trip to the flower fields. After having done some research, I discovered a nice area in Voorhout. The village is situated right next to well-known Lisse, and only a short drive away for me. When we arrived, the sun-rays slowly started to give the flowers their golden glow.

A true pleasure to the eye….

When people think about Spring in The Netherlands, most of the time the tulip fields pop up in their minds. The hyacinth fields which are in bloom almost at the same time, are definitely worth a visit too! I’d encourage you to include them in your itinerary when you’re planning a trip in Spring. I promise you’ll be amazed…

A dreamy escape…

Have you ever seen fields like this in real life? Curious to know!

Lots of love,


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