Willemstad, Curaçao

Bon bini, Willemstad!

The capital city of Curaçao, sometimes also referred to as “Amsterdam of the western hemisphere”, is defintely one of the most colourful cities I’ve ever visited. Approximately  140.000 people are living here. The main districts of Willemstad, Punda & Ottrobanda are connected by the queen Emma bridge. The architecture of the buildings is mainly influenced by the Portuguese, and of course, Holland. Therefore, It was very interesting to explore the city and spot some similarities!

Besides the main sights & architecture, I loved discovering the food scene. You can find several markets in Willemstad where they’re selling fresh fruit & veggies everyday. We drank a lot of smoothies made from all kinds of tropical fruits, and besides that, we tried some local dishes at Plasa Bieu (a well-known local market). My favourite meal were probably the sweet & crispy pumpkin pancakes… *gets hungry again*

The street art scene here is something worth mentioning as well. Sometimes hidden in small alleys, you will be able to find some gems of local artists. In my opinion, they definitely enhance the beauty of the city.

All in all, Willemstad is a feast for the eye of those who adore super colourful, bright & always surprising places as much as I do!

IMG_0222 (4)

Lots of love,

Manisha ♥

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