Shete Boka national park

Besides the incredible beach scene of the island, Curaçao has got to offer much more. If you like getting off the beaten track & are a lover of nature and the sea, Shete Boka is a wonderful place to spend your day. The park covers 10+ km of the rugged north coast of the island. The most famous spot here is Boka Tabla: an underground cave which is accessible from only one side and where you’ll be able to see the sea being pushed up, which results in spectacular views…

It was super hot on the day we visited this park, but we did managed to visit three ‘boka’s’. I really enjoyed watching the crashing sea waves and to see a different kind of landscape. It’s possible to visit all the bays by car (that’s what we did) or for the real die-hards, you can go hiking!


Lots of love,

Manisha ♥


    1. …your first guess! It sounded kind of like thunderbolts every time the sea waves were pushed up by the rocks. It was a very narrow and dark area were we could witness this spectacle (we also had to watch our heads). But it was a really cool viewpoint, almost seemed like the strong waves would reach us haha

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      1. Sounds sublime. I started imagining a very quiet cave, but then I saw that picture with restless water inside…
        I hope you keep having a great time. Cheers!

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