Bellagio, Italy

The true pearl of Lake Como…

During my stay in Italy in July, I planned a daytrip to Bellagio, one of the most beautiful villages situated in the area of lake Como. Since Milan, the city where I initially stayed, is centrally located in the north of Italy, it’s very convenient to plan day trips if you happen to be there for a while. I’ve had Bologna and lake Como on my list beforehand. Once I found out last-minute train tickets to Bologna were super expensive, I did some research about the lake area. Going there by train takes about an hour from Milan and costed me about 12 euros in total. Not bad if you ask me 😉

On Friday morning, I woke up a bit earlier to have a relaxed morning while heading to the central station of Milan. As I never skip breakfast, I looked for a nice spot to have my meal. I ended up at Lúbar and had some yoghurt & a very cute baby croissant. After that I took the train to Varenna and jumped on one of the big ferry boats heading to the Bellagio (and I managed to claim an upper deck seat, yay!).

My first thoughts when arriving here: “am I in paradise….?” The weather was pleasant, all the trees where in bloom and showing off beautiful flowers, the water looked incredible and the atmosphere was very lovely in general (despite the big amount of tourists). A lot of pictures were taken that day, and after a light late-lunch, it was time to head back to the city…

What is your favorite place in Italy? Would love to know!

Lots of love,



  1. Great blog & beautiful pictures!
    My favourite place in Italy is Milan. But, you’ve indeed, inspired me to travel to Bellagio. You’re correct, it’s no less than a paradise


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