Andalusia, Spain

A scenic road trip through the South of Spain…

Three words that perfectly describe this region in Spain: caliente, passion & history. The first word might not be surprise to must of us: during Summer, temperatures above 40C can be reached here. Therefore, siësta’s, refreshing drinks and a take-it-easy mentality were essential during our journey. Secondly, passion couldn’t be left out. It’s reflected in the music, the way people talk and mostly: the Spanish flamenco scene. And lastly, the region is famous for its rich history, showing off influences of many cultures and religions…

In August last year, we planned a 9-days road trip to fully explore the highlights of Andalusia. We slept in 6 different hotels, drove more than 1000km and visited multiple incredible sights. Since we came across mountains, cute white-colored villages and many different landscapes, it was blast to travel by car. My personal favorite city was Sevilla, I really enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere here and the countless tapas-bars left me craving more…

One of the highlights that left me speechless was the Alhambra, the huge fortress complex in Granada. The architecture here is something else…

When it Spain… dressing up like a local just had to be done 😉 The color red is probably the most signature color of Spain and flower hair accessories could literally be found in every shop!

Looking back at these pictures immediately puts a smile on my face. Longing for those endless Summer days once again…

Lots of love,


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