Antwerpen at night

Find us in the north…

When I visited Antwerpen again in July, my sis took us to the northern part of the city in the evening. Must admit, after staying there for several hours, it kind of felt like I was something else! The vibes are very calm here, you can find lots of industrial and modern-styled buildings here & even a beach. We enjoyed a quick dinner with our shoes in the (artificial) sand at Jardim and went for a stroll alongside the Schelde river afterwards. We came across the Kasteelpark, where lots of youngsters were hanging around with their own music, food & games. I always love people watching in those kind of places…

Was very happy to experience sunset here, the reflection of the harsh light upon the water and sandy stones always results in something magical…

Have you every been surprised by a different ‘face’ of the city? Something you wouldn’t have expected in the first place to be there? Would love to know!

Lots of love,


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