Château Neercanne, Maastricht

A very memorable picnic…

le château

Imagine driving through meadows and vineyards on a sunny Wednesday morning. After passing by a herd of cows and some local shops selling wine, the road slowly goes uphill and after several minutes, you arrive at a gate of a large building complex. Once entering, it all of a sudden feels like you’re somewhere lost in the South of France…

The journey I just described is the one my sis and I experienced when we visited Château Neercanne, a terrace castle with stunning baroque gardens and fine dining restaurants. Situated in Maastricht, very close to the border with Belgium, it’s a great spot to unwind before continuing your journey to neighboring countries, and of course when you’re staying in the area Maastricht. For me it was quite hard to believe that this place is actually situated in Holland, as the scenery and atmosphere is something I’ve only seen in other countries.


The stairs inside one of the buildings led us to my personal highlight of this place: the baroque gardens. Since it’s still Summer, you can spot many different plants and pear trees here. However, this time of the year also attracts a lot of wasps, which was a bit less pleasant (especially when eating in the garden). We were surprised to found out we were the only ones in the garden at that moment, which meant… taking fully advantage of the situation when taking our pictures 😉

pique-nique au jardin

The main reason we visited this place is because we booked a picnic for two at L’Auberge Neercanne. But you guys, this was not an ordinary picnic. We basically had to pick up the basket filled food & drinks at the restaurant and continued our way to the large garden where we could personally choose a spot. Be aware the basket is quite heavy and it takes several minutes to get there. After setting the table, the food fest could begin! We enjoyed pasta dishes, freshly baked bread, tomato soup, fruits & lemonade (we skipped the wine).

One thing’s for sure: I do wanna visit this place again one day. May it be for just a quick stopover, dinner or a wedding! (fingers crossed)

Lots of love,


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