Monschau, Germany

A picturesque German town in the Eifel region…

An hour drive away from Maastricht, you’re able to reach a city where it seems like time have stood still for several centuries. I’m talking about Monschau! We stayed in a hotel here two nights, and since it’s a small town, we were able to fully discover what its all about. Personally, I would recommend planning only a daytrip to Monschau, because it’s quite easy to cover the main sights in a short time span. Excited to share 3 great activities to do in the city itself and the surrounding area!

Explore Altstadt

Monschau is famous for its gorgeous historic inner city centre. Here you’ll spot half timbered houses in every street, romantic lanes and many touristy shops. Walking here sometimes felt unreal, like I was in some kind of themed amusement park. You’ll find mostly German restaurants here, but if you want to try something different, I’d recommend making a reservation at Entre Nous. The interesting fact about this place is that it’s a French restaurant where they partly serve Italian food. The mozzarella pizza with grilled vegetables I ordered is one of the best I’ve ever had, not even kidding!

Visit Nationalpark Eifel

If you happen to stay longer in Monschau, a visit to the National Park of Eifel should be on your list. Especially for the sporty people out there, the options are endless. Cycling, kayaking, hiking, it’s all possible. We decided to take it easy and booked a spot at an electric boat for a one-hour trip. On the Rursee, you’ll have great views of a large part of the area. Since the boat is electric, it all went super smooth, so at one point it was quite tempting to take a short nap 😉

Go for a small hike

The city is surrounded by hills, and there are several walking routes that take you up high to viewpoints. Even for not-advanced walkers this is quite convenient to do. We took the route that led to Kierberg. It was super nice to see all the buildings from above and obviously to take candid shots!

The 50mm 1.8 lens from Canon is my all-time favourite lens when it comes to taking portrait shots. Light, small, affordable and incredible results.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll also be able to visit Monschau one day.

Lots of love,


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