Princess feelings in Versailles, France

Exploring the enchanting Château de Versailles…

Chandeliers for days, an entire collection of French sculptures and paintings and grandeur everywhere you look… I’m talking about Château de Versailles! This huge complex was built by orders of Lodewijk XIV, aka the ‘Sun King’. Since 1792, the building is functioning as a national museum. It’s situated quite central in Versailles, a quintessential town that somehow resembles the Cambridge of England in my opinion. Before we made our way to the castle, we did a small stroll throughout the town and stumbled upon multiple beautiful places to spot the Autumn colors in full glory…

The first place we saw once we entered the castle through its huge gates, was the courtyard. The floor being covered with black and white tiles, in combination with the salmon-colored bricks and pillars, made it a very interesting sight (for pictures too!).

Since the building is huge and we had only several hours to explore, we strolled through most of the rooms with the paintings with gentle speed, and took our time at spots which were less crowded but still captivating.

Hall of Mirrors

When people think of Château de Versailles, an image of the hall of mirrors most likely pops up in their minds… Not without reason, many important events in history took place here and the optical illusion that the mirrors create make this venue look even more grand. I loved the many chandeliers and intricate details, for example of the walls. A true eye-catcher for both royals and non-royals…

If I knew earlier it’d probably take days to see most of the incredible sights in the gardens of the castle, I’d extended my trip right away. Because man… they really knew how to show their wealth back in the days. In the gardens we spotted many beautiful and impressive fountains, American ladies hiring golf cars to cover the area with and perfectly managed plants and trees…

On the right
A glimpse of one of the many fountains

On the left
Posing in between truffle chocolate shaped trees

Have you ever been to Versailles? More than happy to hear your own experiences! On thing’s for sure – I’ll be back one day…

Lots of love,


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