Shete Boka national park

Besides the incredible beach scene of the island, Curaçao has got to offer much more. If you like getting off the beaten track & are a lover of nature and the sea, Shete Boka is a wonderful place to spend your day. The park covers 10+ km of the rugged north coast of the island. The most famous spot here is Boka Tabla: an underground cave which is accessible from only one side and where you’ll be able to see the sea being pushed up, which results in spectacular views…

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Beach scene of Curaçao

…I recently returned from a one-week trip to Curaçao! I visited this Carribean gem for the very first time and I enjoyed my stay to the fullest. The journey was quite intense: a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam with a stop-over in Aruba… I also had to beat the 6-hour  time difference during the first few days, but once we started exploring the island, I totally forgot the lack of sleep 😉

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Food in Copenhagen

During my stay in Copenhagen, I literally landed in foodie paradise. The city offers plenty of beautiful cafés and healthy food options which are a feast for both the eyes & taste buds. Everyday I was waking up with excitement to try different dishes. Since the options were endless, I did some research regarding places I wanted to visit for sure. I’ve arranged a list for you guys with inspiration for every meal of the day!

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